Wendy J. Pabich is an environmental scientist, educator, speaker, adventurer and artist obsessed with all things water. As the founder and president of Water Futures, Inc., Wendy works to find innovative solutions to one of the planet’s most pressing problems – the quest for sustainable water. Learn more

Taking On Water

How One Water Expert Challenged Her Inner Hypocrite, Reduced Her Water Footprint (Without Sacrificing a Toasty Shower), and Found Nirvana.

(Sasquatch Books, 2012)

by Wendy J. Pabich, Ph.D.

A Woman's Quest to Shrink Her Water Footprint

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In an increasingly water-stressed world, access to reliable, clean water is no longer a given. Increased global competition for water poses both risk and opportunity for businesses. Water Futures is pleased to offer a wide range of water stewardship services to assist clients in identifying and mitigating water-related risk and creating new business opportunities. Learn more